What Are Dental Implants?

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You might have heard of dental implants before, but may still be asking yourself the question, “what are dental implants exactly?” After all, just because you’ve heard a term, it doesn’t mean someone has taught you what it really means.

Throughout this page we hope to help answer some of your questions about dental implants, and specifically to answer the question of what are dental implants exactly.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are special posts most often made of a titanium alloy that are placed in the jawbone. These dental implants act a bit like natural tooth roots do, and can work to replace a tooth that is either missing, or that was severely damaged in the past.

How does the tooth implant act like a tooth root?

A tooth implant acts like a tooth root, because it fills in the gap left by a missing tooth root and fuses to your jawbone. Much like your natural tooth roots do, it helps strengthen your jawbone by providing additional support to the area around it. If you have lost teeth in the past, over time it can cause your jawbone to deteriorate – a tooth implant can help provide some of the strength your jaw requires to stay healthy.

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A dental implant can provide a number of benefits to those who have lost teeth. Some of these additional benefits can include:

  • Strength – Because a tooth implant acts like a natural tooth root in many ways, it helps strengthen your jaw. It also provides a strong anchor point for placing dental crowns, permanent dentures, as well as permanent bridges.
  • Durability – Our dental implants are made of durable, long lasting titanium. Titanium is resistant to corrosion, is extremely strong, and can withstand a lot of punishment.

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