As an implant dentist we get many questions from our patients about implant dentistry. Some of the more common questions we receive are:

Is receiving a tooth implant or other implant dentistry procedures safe?

Receiving a tooth implant or other implant dentistry procedure is safe. Our team works with you to make sure that implant dentistry is right for you before you ever receive the tooth implant. As an implant dentist we take pride in using the latest in dental technology and employing caring and careful staff who make sure that treatments with us are safe and effective.

Does having implant dentistry hurt?

Our team does their very best to make sure that every treatment with us is comfortable and safe. If you experience discomfort during the healing process our team can make recommendations that can help with relieving discomfort and help improve your results.

How long will it take for a tooth implant or other implant dentistry procedure to heal?

Healing definitely can vary depending upon the patient. Typically most patients’ tooth implants should heal in period of about three to six months.

Is sedation dentistry an option during implant dentistry procedures?

The answer to this question is absolutely yes. We want to be able to make each of our patients as comfortable as possible while they receive treatments from us, and this includes implant dentistry procedures. As an implant dentist we are proud to offer sedation dentistry options to maximize relaxation during your treatment.

Does my dental insurance cover implant dentistry?

To answer this question you will definitely want to get in contact with your dental insurance provider as dental benefits vary greatly from provider to provider, and from plan to plan.

How expensive is implant dentistry?

Although dental implants are not as expensive as they were ten years ago, they can still require a significant amount of money, depending upon your situation. Regardless of the cost, dental implants are designed to last a lifetime and for many patients are well worth the investment required.

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