Benefits of Teeth Implants

Outstanding Teeth Implants From Your Charlotte Dentist

If you are wondering what kind of benefits teeth implants have, look no further than this page! Teeth implants have a number of fantastic benefits, including:

    benefits of permanent dentures and teeth implants in Charlotte and Myers Park
  • Appearance – A tooth crown, dental bridge, or set of permanent dentures attached to teeth implants are all designed to look and feel great. With teeth implants, you don’t have to worry about awkward situations associated with traditional tooth replacement devices, because permanent dentures, tooth crowns, and permanent bridges are made to look natural.
  • Comfort – Because a dental implant is permanently anchored in your jaw, you don’t have to worry about a lot of the discomfort associated with traditional tooth replacement solutions. A dental bridge for example can be a great short term solution, but over time can come out easier, and can cause discomfort during usage. On the other hand, teeth implants with dental crowns or multiple crowns attached are made to be long-lasting, permanent, and very comfortable.
  • Permanence – A dental device anchored with a dental implant is made to be permanent and last a lifetime. Among the permanent dental devices we can attach to teeth implants are permanent dentures, crowns, and permanent bridges.
  • Strength – Teeth implants provide the strength needed by dental crowns, permanent bridges, and permanent dentures to be strong, permanent solutions to tooth loss.
  • Health – Many traditional tooth replacement solutions (such as traditional dentures and bridges) can help you fix an immediate problem, but do little to further the quality of your long-term oral health. A dental implant on the other hand works in concert with your oral health, and can help you improve and maintain a higher standard of oral health for year after year.

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